Community Supported Postpartum Network
Kerry Ingram

Community Supported Postpartum Network

Kerry Ingram

Welcome to Community Supported Postpartum Network

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About Us

A network for birth-workers, postpartum professionals and community caregivers to share resources, research and ideas. This space is for co-creation and mutuality, amplifying each other's work, building community and working together for our common vision of supporting families in the early stages of parenting. 

Why You Should Join Us

Birth-workers, postpartum professionals & community caregivers, please come and join the FREE Community Supported Postpartum Network.
We are building a space to share resources, build community and take collective actions to support new parents and our work as caregivers.
Birth workers, postpartum professionals, community caregivers...we see you.
Caring for new families through the postpartum period isn’t just what you do. It’s one of your life’s deepest vocations.
We see your huge heart and big wisdom.
And, we see that you are often: under resourced, over giving, and massively underearning.
It’s not your fault. (This is what huge hearts are made for.)
We both know supporting newborn families through the postpartum time is one of the most important ways we can care for each other. (Not to mention, it’s a key component to building a just and loving society.)
I believe that when we focus on community and collaboration OVER competition, we can make huge changes in our systems. This FREE network is for postpartum professionals, birth-workers and community caregivers to share resources, conversations and co-create a flourishing ecosystem for all of us to shine.

A Big Thanks

Thank you all for sharing this vision, contributing, sharing with others and for building community.

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